I have been going to Yoga Union Center for Backcare and Scoliosis for over 2 years now. As far as I know, it is the only yoga center that has a group of highly trained yoga teachers devoted to back care issues.  I have scoliosis and the Center has changed my life in so many positive ways. These are not a one-size-fits-all yoga classes. Each pose is demonstrated and explained by a teacher. Props and assistance are given to each individual depending on their strength, flexibility and mobility.  For me it is important that my main teacher, Deborah Wolk, has scoliosis and is highly trained in alignment-based yoga.  She brings her passion, patience and humor to every class. I have learned so much about yoga and alignment from her. I have become more at ease with my own body. I feel fortunate to have found a wonderful, gifted teacher.  Also, I want to mention Alison West who founded Yoga Union in NYC and is co-founder with Deborah Wolk of Yoga Union Center for Backcare and Scoliosis. She is a brilliant teacher and the studio she has created is beautiful. It is the go-to place for workshops on back care and related issues and attracts visiting teachers from all over the world. What a great resource!


I cannot recommend this studio more highly (if I could, I would - YELP we need more  stars!).  The facility is clean, well-appointed and orderly.  The instructors are highly trained and well-informed in many areas of back care.  I've tried other forms of yoga, Pilates, physical therapy, gyms, and no place has addressed my specific back issues like Yoga Union CBS.   

As an active, relatively fit person with scoliosis, I have seen my pain levels diminish dramatically and my curvatures actually improve (to the amazement of my doctor).  The scoliosis classes and workshops provide such useful information for everyone (beginners to experienced of all ages).  I always feel so HELPED there.

It is NYC, so on some days, the classes get crowded; however, this is just a sign of the kind of good work the caring folks in this studio are providing.  One may always opt for a private session, if the class is beyond his/her specific needs.  

I treasure the classes for the bonds I've formed with other participants dealing with similar issues and feel blessed to have found this wonderful studio.


I can't recommend this place enough... I have been having tons of back pain in the last couple of years and this place has changed my life. The instructors are very knowledgable and willing to teach you how to do things at home so they're not pushing you to only come there (though that's what I want to do)! They truly want you to feel better. The classes are big but come early and you'll be fine. NY is so lucky to have this!


I've only been to one class here, but this is a unique place that should be a great help to anyone looking to take control of any back pain issues. Highly trained teachers who use special props and set-ups to specifically target back problems. 

Plus it is a very nice studio, they supply mats and all props, prices are reasonable for the quality of the class. 

Although run on a different payment system, the regular yoga studio, Yoga Union, is a nice place too


I have practiced for about a year at the studio. Its a wonderful place to refine your learning of yoga, whatever level you are at. Its especially useful if you have a concern regarding your back. I have practiced yoga for over 18 years and studied many styles. The skills I learned at Yoga Union have really helped refine and re purpose all the other information I have learned over the years. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and its a really safe place to practice, plus the space is certainly one of the most beautiful yoga spaces you could ever practice in. If you discover this place, you will be a lucky recipient of great care and attention. 

The experiences I have had  with Alison and Deborah plus the other knowledgeable staff have been invaluable.


My feelings about the studio and its teachers: LOVE!!!

I have scoliosis, and had a spinal fusion with Harrington rods. After going to Yoga Union Backcare, I now know it's extremely difficult to find a yoga teacher who really understands how to approach yoga with scoliosis, much less a spinal fusion. I only wish I started going here sooner. 

If you are at all interested, I suggest that you GO as soon as you can. You will be have an experience unlike most studios. Yoga does not have to be approached like a workout program that is perfectly choreographed to music. Yoga Union for Backcare makes class a beautiful tuning into the body that is nurturing, educational, requires attention to detail, and can be fun.

I have the utmost respect for every teacher and assistant in this studio. The fellow students are friendly and open, which is an extension of the environment.


Like so many others with back issues, I have tried yoga at several centers but struggled to find the right one to deliver the results my body truly needed.  Luckily one day someone told me about Yoga Union Center for Backcare and Scoliosis.

Five years later I am happy to report that Yoga Union Backcare is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

You could say I am the queen of "osis":  I have Scoliosis , Kyphosis, Lordosis and Osteoporosis. The team at Yoga Union Backcare was able to tailor a program to my needs and through this understanding I have developed a routine that not only helped my pain, but has truly curtailed my ailments.  They taught me to accept my body the way it is and have confidence in myself, which changed my life in a magnificent way.

Yoga Union Backcare is now my second home, as I am there, religiously, 5 days a week. The teachers are incredible and so caring, the students are very friendly; the staff knowledgeable, passionate and truly personal. The instructors give special attention and appropriate adjustments to each individual based on their needs or problems.  What is fascinating is that even after so many years I am still learning new techniques.  You see, the teachers bring in the top Senior Teachers and new on a regular basis.  Just the other week we had Dmitri Shapira join the faculty with a neck and shoulder class. His expertise is great and just what I need for my kyphosis. 

My special thanks to my teachers Alison West, Debby Green, Wendy Baranello, Rachel Lynch-John, Mimi Rosetti and Dmitri Shapira.   Last but not least thanks to Deborah Wolk who helped me a lot by designing special prop set ups for asanas which address my special needs. I always look forward to her classes because I know she has something different and new for me every time I come to her and when it comes to back issues she is more knowledgeable than a medical doctor. My admiration for her skills and expertise has no bounds.

At Yoga Union Backcare I feel a relaxation that no pills have ever given me. This is my spiritual and physical therapy.

Thank you Deborah and thank you to all the Yoga Union Backcare teachers.


The first word that comes to mind is "Cured."

I have been struggling with pelvic, sciatic nerve, and low back issues (some scoliosis, too) for about 3 1/2 years.  I have tried many forms of "exercise" and "treatments" until I was recommened to this studio by a dear teacher friend.  I was immediately amazed at the upper level of skill that the instructors maintain and their ability to gear students to quietly and beautifully open the body so that healing can take place.  

I have begun smiling again and will have to say that this is the most incredible and beautiful studio I have ever been in.  The instructors have the highest level of skill and it takes several years of apprenticeship to be able to conduct a class at the Center for Backcare.  This is a meticulous and clean space that will welcome each and every student and work with individualized injuries in a space that is just breathtaking.

When I leave I know that I've given my body a healthy dose of love and it has begun to resonate to other areas of my life.  I have given up my other "studios" and quick exercise fixes and now exclusively take classes at this studio and their sister studio, Yoga Union.  

My back has never felt better and this studio has done more for my back than any other treatment modality, doctor, or exercise.  In addition, I have learned to quiet my mind and heal my body gracefully while using the incredible power of my instructor's skills, my personal intuition and breath and helpful props that release and surrender any issues (ropes, blocks, blankets, chairs).  

All props are included in the class price (mats, too) and are meticulously clean.  Students are quietly responsible for putting their props away neatly and it helps maintain the beautiful space that has been created for these classes.  This studio has stripped away everything negative about the cattle-type classes of other studios and honor the grace and passion that embodies yoga.  

Moreover, this center for backcare is for everyone not just those stuggling with back issues.  I have learned so much about my body and my inner strength and am able to take my skills to my personal home practice, Yoga Union, or all areas of my life.

Attend and you will be hooked.  This place is simply sensational.

Happy S.